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I'm a South Carolina photographer who enjoys photographing dancers, athletes, and everyday people being their beautiful selves.

Here's a very short version of my photographic history:
• Began in early 70’s so I could get into race tracks for free.
• Photographed Vietnam Protest March/NBC Press at White House in Washington, DC.
• Traveled GA, NC, and SC as glamour photographer :-)
• Life turned left and my two girls and I moved to Lexington, SC.
• Bought first digital camera in 2003, first pro camera in 2006.
• Photography is now a creative passion that brings joy to my life every day!

There you go! This is the shortest version I’ve ever written about my long affair with photography. I can't imagine you'd be curious about any more of it but if you are, please contact me.

I will add this in closing. When photography finally sunk into my head and heart everything changed. I was no longer just shooting pictures, I began to see ideas and concepts about what that subject would look like in different ways. Flowers, rocks, cars, and people - it didn’t matter. I developed a creative vision that turned my photography into art done my way.

Now I do mostly dance and athletic photography and I love it. These young adults are such a creative group and full of enthusiasm for what they love to do!

That’s enough about me! Go look at my pictures and let's talk about about a photoshoot!

Email me!
General FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
2019 Photoshoot prices

The 2019 Mini
  • 1-hour studio shoot (time starts at first pose)
  • Up to 15 free promotional images of your choice to share online
  • $150 (50.00 non-refundable deposit - session can be rescheduled once)

The 2019 Basic includes:
  • 2-hour studio session (additional time $60 per hour)
  • Up to 30 free promotional images of your choice to share online
  • $250 (50.00 non-refundable deposit - session can be rescheduled once)

The 2019 Advanced includes:
  • 4 hour studio session
  • Up to 40 free digital images of your choice to share online
  • $350 ($100 non-refundable deposit required - session can be rescheduled once)

Additional enlargements:
8x8: $10.00
10x10: $15.00
12x12: $20.00
Other sizes and styles are available upon request.

Signature Series of your favorite image, hand printed 8x8 on 11x14 paper, personalized and framed: $85 (see below)

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All prices and package details listed are subject
to change without notice.

Links & Contact Information
Minors, spectators, and the model release:
I do not photograph anyone who is underage without a parent or guardian present at all times unless written consent is given and another qualified adult is present. Also, the model release must be signed before the photoshoot.

If the female model is 18 or older they can bring a female companion. Sorry but brothers, boyfriends, daddies, uncles, grandfathers, or male cousins offer no help when it comes to hair or makeup and usually are a distraction for female models.

If you chose to bring a male escort anyway, they cannot be in the shoot area. They can either sit in the waiting room for studio shoots or remain at a distance for location shoots.
Can I take pictures during the photoshoot?
Ask me first! If we're doing a special wardrobe shoot I don't want the surprise of the final images spoiled. Please do not take pictures of the images on the widescreen or the computer monitor.
Why do I have to leave your name and logo on my picture?
The images you get for sharing on social websites are free and my name and logo must remain. It's how I advertise my work. You are not allowed to alter the original image in any way such as with filters, emoji's, or other graphics without my written permission.
What are promotional images and can I print them myself?
The free promotional images you get are to be shared on social media. They are not high resolution files but they can be printed up to 6x6. Anything larger must come from me if you want a quality enlargement.

Also, the promotional images have my logo on them to "promote" my work! Share them anywhere you like but do not crop or alter the image in any way. No filters or special effects please!
I didn't pick my favorites during the shoot. Can I see all the pictures you shot again?
No. My test shots, closed eyes, lighting malfunctions, and other unusable images are cut immediately. The balance are reduced to a select group of images that show my work at it's best.
What are your payment options?

I accept all credit cards online and at the shoot!

Ask about a cash discount!

What time do you start and long are the photoshoots?
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Arrival times vary because I have so many dancers coming from out of state but generally I suggest 10:00 AM but if you're coming from out-of-town, it's usually 12:00 pm.

The shoot length depends on what type of session it is and if it's a solo dancer or couples or a catalog shoot for a clothing manufacturer.

The current 2019 Basic session is 2-hours long with as many wardrobe changes as you want in that timeframe.

Also, I like to take a few minutes before we start to find out what you hope to get from the photoshoot. For instance, I've had ballet students that wanted only classical poses and others who like my style of creative portraits and are ready to try almost anything!
What should I bring?
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Bring more than you think you’ll need and when you get here just dump it all out on the floor!

Certainly you should pack nearly all of your leotards and even a stage outfit you wore in a competition if you want some shots in it. How about a tutu? If you have dance skirts bring them too.

Two-piece outfits are great to show off your physique and I love to do special lighting to accentuate those abs and leg muscles you're worked so hard for :-)

Even if it's a dance shoot, you may want to consider a casual outfit (jeans and tops) or two if you like. We'll do headshots if you need them.

Don't forget accessories like sunglasses, hats, sneakers, heels, sweaters, or jackets you like and feel good wearing.

I have an assortment of tops, skirts, dance wraps, leggings, and accessories that you are welcome to plunder through. Fabrics are popular and I have different colors to compliment your outfit. Need a pink wig or a ninja sword??!!
What Is Shoot-N-Pick? Is this how I pick my favorites?
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I use a tethered cable system that connects my camera to a computer and a widescreen HDTV so every shot I take is displayed on the computer and the TV for viewing. This gives the dancer an easy way to see if they like it or not.

Using the computer during the shoot, they can mark their favorite images and review them at the end of the shoot.

No more waiting on me to post hundreds of proofs online to go through!
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Where is the studio?
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The studio I currently use is south of Lexington, South Carolina, below I-20 on Hwy 6.

I rent it from good friends of mine who have re-directed their photography business and are kind enough to make it available to me for a few days a week.

They use the studio during the week while I'm doing one of my other jobs and I use it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's worked out well for both of us.

Here's the address:

Captured Memories
2610 South Lake Drive
Lexington, SC 29073

Here's a link to a Google
map and directions.
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