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  • News Plus! #3: Traveling Plans…
    Reaching out to different locations!
    Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, and Greenville are some of the cities I'm looking to visit in the coming months. Walkabouts around the city and selected dance schools will be the locations.

    Click here to request shoot information!
  • News Plus! #2: Tag! You're It!
    How to post my images on Instagram…
    When you're ready to post a picture to Instagram, just press or click the "+" button.

    Next select the picture you want to post.

    Skip the Filters and you'll see the Caption and Tag screen.

    This is where you'll add your caption text and the "#" hashtag links. Add as many of these as you want this picture to be linked to.

    Don't forget to add your dance school hashtag!
    Stacks Image 306
    Just below your picture look for the "Tag People" button.

    This is where you use "@randyharpphoto1" and your IG account name.

    Now this picture will be added to both of our galleries!

    You're done!
  • News Plus! #1: Walkabouts
    Weekday Walkabouts are coming!
    I do most of my photography on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday but with warmer weather coming I want to try something different…

    Say "Hello" to Walkabouts!
    Walkabouts are short outdoor photo sessions lasting from 30 to 60 minutes.

    I'll pick a location and offer different time slots as an alternative to standard weekend shoots.

    More details coming soon!
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