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Every discussion I have when booking a photoshoot contains many of the same questions so I decided to put those questions and others on this page.

Click on the questions below to see the answers!

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Where is the studio?
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The studio I currently use is south of Lexington, South Carolina, below I-20 on Hwy 6.

I rent it from good friends of mine who have re-directed their photography business and are kind enough to make it available to me for a few days a week.

They use the studio during the week while I'm doing one of my other jobs and I use it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's worked out well for both of us.

Here's the address:

Captured Memories
2610 South Lake Drive
Lexington, SC 29073

Here's a link to a Google
map and directions.
What time do you start and long are the photoshoots?
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Arrival times vary because I have so many dancers coming from out of state but generally I suggest 10:00 AM but if you're coming from out-of-town, it's usually 12:00 pm.

The shoot length depends on what type of session it is and if it's a solo dancer or couples or a catalog shoot for a clothing manufacturer.

The 2018 Basic session is 2-3 hours with as many wardrobe changes as you want in that time.

Also, I like to take a few minutes before we start to find out what you hope to get from the photoshoot. For instance, I've had ballet students that wanted only classical poses and others who like my style of creative portraits and are ready to try almost anything!
What should I bring?
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Bring more than you think you’ll need and when you get here just dump it all out on the floor!

Certainly you should pack nearly all of your leotards and even a stage outfit you wore in a competition if you want some shots in it. How about a tutu? If you have dance skirts bring them too.

Two-piece outfits are great to show off your physique and I love to do special lighting to accentuate those abs and leg muscles you're worked so hard for :-)

Even if it's a dance shoot, you may want to consider a casual outfit (jeans and tops) or two if you like. We'll do headshots if you need them.

Don't forget accessories like sunglasses, hats, sneakers, heels, sweaters, or jackets you like and feel good wearing.

I have an assortment of tops, skirts, dance wraps, leggings, and accessories that you are welcome to plunder through. Fabrics are popular and I have different colors to compliment your outfit. Need a pink wig or a ninja sword??!!
How do I pick my favorites?
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I use a tethered cable system that connects my camera to a computer and a widescreen HDTV so every shot I take is displayed on the computer and the TV for viewing. This gives the dancer an easy way to see if they like it or not.

Using the computer during the shoot, they can mark their favorite images and review them at the end of the shoot.

No more waiting on me to post hundreds of proofs online to go through!
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What are your payment options?
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PayPal is my preferred method of payment but cash and check are acceptable too!

Note: PayPal will let you pay with any credit card when I send you a request. Just let me know which you prefer.
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